History & Origin

Traditional techniques of the potters of the Thrapsano region of Crete.

Minoan Urns circa 1500bc

Heritage going back to the mighty civilization of the Minoans 4000 years ago, invests pride in today’s potters of the Thrapsano region of Crete, creating pots and pithoi using traditional techniques, materials and designs from their Minoan ancestors.

The pots are made from local clays – carefully sourced form two different mountain areas – which are hand thrown on the wheel and then fired at 1150c using residue from the island’s olive harvest to fuel the fire. These high temperatures guarantee quality, durability and ensure they are frost proof to endure our winters.

Originally the large pithoi were used for storing olive oil, wine, grain and honey etc whilst the smaller pots stored olives, pickles, cheese and salt etc.

Now equally at home in traditional or contemporary gardens or even as in-house sculptures, these pots make a big statement and the patina that develops with age not only enhances their appearance, it increases their value also